Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Being Humane !!!

And now we are in the year 2015. I wish everyone in this world a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and a better life and being a better Human being.

Some people might have made some resolutions and some might have shy away from it.
But, I made one. I will from now on allocate some time every week for animals. I was not so gracious towards animals till few months back. Few incidents made me take this decision and who knows I might even turn Vegan at some point of life.

To be more clear, I am planning to feed stray dogs whenever it is possible for me and I will make sure that I will allot sometime for them. I saw many street dogs on the roads searching for food, shivering in cold, drenched in the rain and even suffering from injuries. Leave about helping them out, there are quite less people to even think of doing something for them. That's why, I am planning to do how much ever I can.

I saw an episode on street dogs in one of the local news channels called TV9, regarding the Municipal people not even cared about those street dogs that, they are biting and attacking small kids and old people. Here, I just want to clear all of you one thing: NO LIVING BEING ATTACKS/HARMS US UNLESS AND UNTIL IT COMES TO THEIR SAFETY. These poor dogs are not humans to harm us for no reason. You don't have to care for them but at least let them live their life and let them have their freedom.
Few days back, I saw a kid throwing stones at a small dog near my office. I literally scolded him and warned not to repeat that again. Who knows, one day that poor girl(dog) attack that kid for throwing stones? Being so educated and civilized, we human beings commit so many mistakes. Its not those little puppies or dogs fault for attacking us. Just be friendly and try feeding them a bread slice at least. You can doubtlessly see difference in those faces. He/She will be very faithful towards you.

This is my point of view on animals. An animal will definitely not attack or harm you unless you poke them and unless it comes to their self-defense.

I am definitely doing something good for them from now on and give some hope to those hopeless poor kids(dogs).

Best Regards.