Friday, February 6, 2015

Life is Perplexing

Imagine a world, where we don't have any commitments or feelings or any sort of responsibilities? Sounds weird. Must be a silly thought though but somewhere at some point in life everyone wishes for it.

It's your life and you can live it your way. Whomever it might be, you are not on this earth to please each and everyone. Keep this in mind: I am like this and I am the way I Am. Just don't even bother about others who are unhappy with the way you are. They don't know how to see you the way you are seeing yourself.

But somewhere it keeps poking us that we cannot be happy until and unless our loved ones are happy and satisfied with the way we are. Frankly to say, no one in this world is just perfect and amazing. If everyone around you are happy with you, then you must have compromised in lot many things. And, if you do things which you like and if you be how you want to then I am sure you will have many people around you taunting/hating you.

Life is a compromise, Life is Perplexing, Life is Complicated, what not? But one thing which keeps me on a positive note is that " Life is what You make it. "

Things keep happening in life. Might be good/bad, we have to face them with a tenacious heart rather than sidestepping from it..!!

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