Thursday, June 4, 2015

Childhood Favorite Food in an Arduous Journey..!!

Those days, when we used to reach home at 5pm after a difficult day at school and rush to mom asking for a quick 2minute snack 'Maggi'. Remember? Now, that favorite snack of ours is at high-level risk and almost every state in India is placing a ban on it one after the other.

What happened to our "two-minute snack" all of a sudden? Why is the government taking such a serious step towards this product? Well, the reasons are quite fair enough if they are true. It is containing high lead levels(a chemical element in the carbon group). This is a high risk factor for our health and it will end up with serious health issues in future.

Maggi gave a statement saying that, it is having the lead levels were well within the limits allowed by food regulations. But, Why is 'lead' being used in the food which we consume? Well, there are many reasons for this.
Lead is produced by  Human activities such as mining, manufacturing, and the burning of fossil fuels are the major sources of environmental lead. It is also a metal found in small amounts in the earth. It doesn't have any special taste or smell. Food can contain lead if lead-containing dust gets onto crops while they are growing or during food processing. Lead can also get into food through food containers. On the other hand, Lead is sometimes added to food intentionally as an additive. For example, in the traditional way of manufacturing lime-preserved eggs (also known as thousand-year-old eggs), although alternative methods using copper or zinc compounds are now available.

It is still unclear on how the Maggi noodle samples might have allegedly been contaminated. Food experts say that, the way noodles are processed could have theoretically exposed them to lead. Also, the water used to manufacture the noodles could be one of the source for contamination, Uday Annapure(an associate professor of the department of food engineering and technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai) said.

What happens if we consume Lead? It has been shown to cause neurological disorders, reproductive problems, diminished intelligence and a host of other illness. Also, short term exposure to high levels of lead can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and anemia, whereas chronic low-level exposure can cause retarded cognitive and intellectual development in children. Infant, young children and fetus are more sensitive to toxic effects of lead, especially in regard to the damages to their central nervous system.
This is the reason, why Indian government is taking some serious action towards Nestle group and banning maggi across the country.

So children, beware of Maggi until it gets a clean unleaded certificate.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Inception of Devastation !!

What is an Earthquake? Why does it occur? Where does it mostly happen/occur? What are the consequences? What is the after effect?
There are abundant reasons for these questions. Recently, major tremors have been felt in Nepal and Northern India twice. On 25th April 2015 and 12 May 2015. Thousands of people lost their lives, lakhs of people were injured and millions of people went homeless. What can we do for this tragedy, rather than staying united and showing humanity towards them. Indian army played a major role in rescuing the earthquake victims and few other nations came forward with the help which they can offer.

The Mt. Everest have also been affected with these quakes. Avalanches on Mt. Everest killed atleast 19 people including a Google executive and leaving almost 120 people injured or missing.
Few of the historical monuments like Dharahara Tower, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Manakamana Temple, etc have been severely hit by these quakes and were completely damaged. The future generation have now nothing to see and feel the past/history.
Many people who were happy in their homes, might small r big are now homeless and looking for some support and a helping hand. Lets all of us stand up for them and do whatever support we can. I wish People of Nepal to recover very very soon and Nepal to get back to its alluring and charming look which makes tourists fall in for.

But, why is it happening again and again in Nepal and North India? Is this really an Act of God or is there any hidden reason behind this?? 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Life is Perplexing

Imagine a world, where we don't have any commitments or feelings or any sort of responsibilities? Sounds weird. Must be a silly thought though but somewhere at some point in life everyone wishes for it.

It's your life and you can live it your way. Whomever it might be, you are not on this earth to please each and everyone. Keep this in mind: I am like this and I am the way I Am. Just don't even bother about others who are unhappy with the way you are. They don't know how to see you the way you are seeing yourself.

But somewhere it keeps poking us that we cannot be happy until and unless our loved ones are happy and satisfied with the way we are. Frankly to say, no one in this world is just perfect and amazing. If everyone around you are happy with you, then you must have compromised in lot many things. And, if you do things which you like and if you be how you want to then I am sure you will have many people around you taunting/hating you.

Life is a compromise, Life is Perplexing, Life is Complicated, what not? But one thing which keeps me on a positive note is that " Life is what You make it. "

Things keep happening in life. Might be good/bad, we have to face them with a tenacious heart rather than sidestepping from it..!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Being Humane !!!

And now we are in the year 2015. I wish everyone in this world a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and a better life and being a better Human being.

Some people might have made some resolutions and some might have shy away from it.
But, I made one. I will from now on allocate some time every week for animals. I was not so gracious towards animals till few months back. Few incidents made me take this decision and who knows I might even turn Vegan at some point of life.

To be more clear, I am planning to feed stray dogs whenever it is possible for me and I will make sure that I will allot sometime for them. I saw many street dogs on the roads searching for food, shivering in cold, drenched in the rain and even suffering from injuries. Leave about helping them out, there are quite less people to even think of doing something for them. That's why, I am planning to do how much ever I can.

I saw an episode on street dogs in one of the local news channels called TV9, regarding the Municipal people not even cared about those street dogs that, they are biting and attacking small kids and old people. Here, I just want to clear all of you one thing: NO LIVING BEING ATTACKS/HARMS US UNLESS AND UNTIL IT COMES TO THEIR SAFETY. These poor dogs are not humans to harm us for no reason. You don't have to care for them but at least let them live their life and let them have their freedom.
Few days back, I saw a kid throwing stones at a small dog near my office. I literally scolded him and warned not to repeat that again. Who knows, one day that poor girl(dog) attack that kid for throwing stones? Being so educated and civilized, we human beings commit so many mistakes. Its not those little puppies or dogs fault for attacking us. Just be friendly and try feeding them a bread slice at least. You can doubtlessly see difference in those faces. He/She will be very faithful towards you.

This is my point of view on animals. An animal will definitely not attack or harm you unless you poke them and unless it comes to their self-defense.

I am definitely doing something good for them from now on and give some hope to those hopeless poor kids(dogs).

Best Regards.