Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 in a NUTSHELL !!

Finally, its time to bid adieu for 2014 !! Good or Bad, 2014 taught me so many lessons. I don't regret anything, whatever happens is for good and something best is waiting for you in near future.

2013 was a very special year, as I found the LOVE of my life whereas 2014 is also a special one in terms of my career.

2014 is an year for me, which started with a bit of difficulty but, ending with a smile on my face. I am growing elder, lot of responsibilities, tensions, etc. were continuously poking me in the beginning of this year. But, didn't hurry up for things as I carefully took the right decisions depending on the circumstances.
Support was the main factor for me earlier this year. As my loved ones supported me, here I am right now ending with a bright smile on my face. But, learnt a very good thing in this year: Lack of Planning costs a lot.

After getting into a new job, met new people, few of them became very close as I felt I can share stuff with them. Its nice to be a part of this company and work with my kind of fellow colleagues.

My birthday this year was very special but at the same time it was bit depressing too. We cannot expect everyone should treat us the same way how we look upon them on their birthdays. Wait, but we can expect this at least from our loved ones right? Whatever the reason might be, I just wish this doesn't rerun in my life.

One year of my LOVE life went off flourishingly in the month of June this year. Each and every day was special with her and each and every moment was a memoir. Fortunate to have a girl like that in my life.

Days went off so fast and people became closer and started sharing stuff when depressed and alongside got a good support from them, especially from my bff.

One of the best things I did this year is that to reestablish my blog again and to restore my blogging habit.

Thanks to one and all in my life for this wonderful year and heart-full of memories.
I hope all of you had a far better year than mine ;)

Saying good-bye to 2014, Let's all WELCOME 2015 for a even more better and best things present itself for our lives.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Anticipating Thoughts !!

Just sit on a chair, close your eyes, bend back and just relax. Start thinking where you were few years back.
What kind of a life we had. The days, when we did not have mobiles, when we didn't have modern technology, ego's and attitudes between two persons, pollution, fast food, etc what not, anything which is polluting human body and hurting his/her heart.
-Those were the days where we used to hang out with friends just to chit-chat, unlike updating a status on Facebook that you're with your friend at some place and chatting with some other on whats-app.
-Those were the days we used to just play games/sports, instead of playing with hearts/feelings of our loved ones.
-Those were the days, where we use to love drenching in rain in our school uniform and get cold just to stay home the next day in the name of cold.
-Those silly jokes, funny moments, gossiping, bunking classes, faking our parents signature in progress reports, games after school, cycling, etc each and every memories.
-Those were the days, where we didn't have any viruses like Swine flu, Ebola, etc.

In short- Just HAPPY DAYS.

Days changed and are changing even more. People are changing accordingly. Technology is getting rejuvenate day by day. We hardly meet our childhood friends, with whom we discovered many things and with whom we explored the heights of friendship. Distance between two souls is growing. That best friend we had once is becoming a stranger now. Whatever might be the reason, circumstances cannot be avoided.

Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in short social media is being just the only way to keep in touch with our friends. In fact, maintaining huge friends list in our profile is becoming vital than having those few friends whom we used to meet regularly.
None can be liable on this, as everyone is busy with their own lives and career.

I just get dumbstruck when I realize that, there are no more hang-outs but just Google hang-outs. No more groups in colleges/schools, but just in whats-app. No more pages in our lives about our memories but just in Facebook. It's no more called a photo, its Selfie.
Sometimes, I just dream of having a time machine so that, we can head to any point of our lives whenever we want to. ;)

I just hope the schools and so called international schools which we have currently, teach the kids even about human values and the importance of friends unlike just concentrating on technology and its value in future. We cannot live and share our feelings with technology but, at least those few persons in your lives make a huge difference and stand back to you and tap your shoulder.

A great poet said, " The greatest gift of life is friendship. "
Did you receive it yet?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

BLACK DAY for the entire Humanity

16th December is in the news once again. This day, two years back we lost one of our sisters-Nirbhaya. All of us protested and fought so much on the current laws and each and everyone used social media/different platforms to have their own point of Views.

The same day is in the news once again. Yesterday, in a dreadful terrorist attack a total of 132 children and 9 staffers were killed by Taliban at a school in Peshawar-Pakistan, where all those children gathered for a school function.

This is a BLACK DAY for Pakistan and even for the entire Humanity. 

I think there is no where written in Q***n(as the terrorists use the same sentence), to kill humans that too small kids. What did they do? What did their parents do? You have some revenge on someone, that doesn't mean that you can kill small kids. It is absurd to kill so many people in the name of Jihad. I can imagine how much those little kids might have panicked and now the pain their parents are having. This is not the way, to protest or show your capability. This is total ineptness. If you don't have that audacity, then just go and bury yourselves. At least don't contempt your own nation. Showing your power on Kids? Sickening.

Its time. Pakistan should now at least take some major and serious steps with the help of other nations. It might be 26/11 Mumbai attacks or now 16/12 Peshawar attacks, incidents are the same, just the nations are different.
Terrorists and their religion-Terrorism should be vanished completely and their heads should be shattered. No one in the future should even think of terrorism by seeing these imbecile creatures death. Might be Pakistan, India or anywhere in this world, this type of incidents should not happen and the nations should come forward and step together to eradicate these jerks.

My prayers are with the mothers of those kids and the people of Pakistan. May the Souls Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Journey!!

Hey people,

Finally today, i.e.,15.12.2014 when almost the year is ending, this perception came in my mind to continue and update my blog every now and then. I am sincerely apologizing for the ones who visited my blog and left with disappointment.
From now on, I will continue my blogging and update it frequently.

My last post was on 12th November 2012, which was about the judgement given by our then government 'Congress' toward Ajmal Kasab. The whole nation was happy with that judgement. After that, many incidents happened and even the government has changed as BJP took the oath. I hope India gets MODIfied at least now.
I was in Ireland, pursuing my masters when I blogged my last post. Things changed quickly, as I came back to Hyderabad and working in a software company as of now. Met so many people, explored new places, had few wonderful moments. It was fun, being there for studying but unfortunately din't get a good opportunity to work over there and had to leave Ireland in December of 2013.
No regrets for whatever happened. Had a wonderful time there in Ireland and now enjoying my role as an SAP Technical consultant here in Hyderabad. But, I just hope one day I will go back and live there in that country at least for a couple of years.

So, its almost end of the year 2014. I guess everyone is getting ready with their plans for NYE. Even I am planning to celebrate the best partying day of the year with a special person in my life ;) Have loads of fun people. Will get back to you with good and interesting posts from now on.

Thanks for reading folks. Please share if you liked it.