Thursday, December 18, 2014

BLACK DAY for the entire Humanity

16th December is in the news once again. This day, two years back we lost one of our sisters-Nirbhaya. All of us protested and fought so much on the current laws and each and everyone used social media/different platforms to have their own point of Views.

The same day is in the news once again. Yesterday, in a dreadful terrorist attack a total of 132 children and 9 staffers were killed by Taliban at a school in Peshawar-Pakistan, where all those children gathered for a school function.

This is a BLACK DAY for Pakistan and even for the entire Humanity. 

I think there is no where written in Q***n(as the terrorists use the same sentence), to kill humans that too small kids. What did they do? What did their parents do? You have some revenge on someone, that doesn't mean that you can kill small kids. It is absurd to kill so many people in the name of Jihad. I can imagine how much those little kids might have panicked and now the pain their parents are having. This is not the way, to protest or show your capability. This is total ineptness. If you don't have that audacity, then just go and bury yourselves. At least don't contempt your own nation. Showing your power on Kids? Sickening.

Its time. Pakistan should now at least take some major and serious steps with the help of other nations. It might be 26/11 Mumbai attacks or now 16/12 Peshawar attacks, incidents are the same, just the nations are different.
Terrorists and their religion-Terrorism should be vanished completely and their heads should be shattered. No one in the future should even think of terrorism by seeing these imbecile creatures death. Might be Pakistan, India or anywhere in this world, this type of incidents should not happen and the nations should come forward and step together to eradicate these jerks.

My prayers are with the mothers of those kids and the people of Pakistan. May the Souls Rest In Peace.