Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That proud moment for all the "True Indian's" out there..!!

The way she spoke, the way she carried herself, her confidence, her words everything impacted each and every citizen in India. She spoke the truth. She spoke something which some selfish people doesn't like. Someone needs a great confidence and bravery to speak on some issue like that.
" Smriti Zubin Irani " currently the most targeted person for all the selfish and rotten politicians out there. Why do someone gets offended when they dint do any mistake? Just because of the selfish politicians evil minds, these caste based politics are happening in the country. All the youth are spoiling their career by jumping into these caste based politics. And its waste of time to speak about those people who are supporting these dirty politics. They will never make India grow.
One of the sentence in Smriti ji's speech says "Did we see Rahul Gandhi visiting a place for 2 times anywhere in the past?" which is absolutely true. Now, what can I say regarding Rahul saab. Words will not be enough for a legendary person oops sorry, "Politician" like him.
Funniest part is, politicians who doesn't have a future are trying to prove that they can give better nation and make a better India. Instead of thinking of the facts in that speech, even some media is interested the flaws in her speech. Now, these guys blame a politician when they gets corrupted and blame the same politician when they try to show the facts and make a better society. Actually, what does those media need? A better India or a Rotten nation? Media: Who cares? We need TRP. " Bitter fact "
We need leaders like this who speak truth and dare to stand in front to solve a issue. I am not some party or person supporter. I liked the way she spoke and showed the facts. I don't even know much about Smriti Irani ji till yesterday. Today, I like her page in Facebook and following her. I admire her.
Whatever sick people think and comment about her, remember this " She spoke the truth and showed us how some politicians are playing caste based politics. " Leaders like this will never ever care what media and other politicians speak non sense about them. They keep serving the nation and try to give us better and clean nation. I hope that day is not too far.
Jai Smriti Irani ji. Jai Hind. Jai Bharath. Satyamev Jayate.

P.S : I know I posted this very late. But, better late than never. ;)