Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That proud moment for all the "True Indian's" out there..!!

The way she spoke, the way she carried herself, her confidence, her words everything impacted each and every citizen in India. She spoke the truth. She spoke something which some selfish people doesn't like. Someone needs a great confidence and bravery to speak on some issue like that.
" Smriti Zubin Irani " currently the most targeted person for all the selfish and rotten politicians out there. Why do someone gets offended when they dint do any mistake? Just because of the selfish politicians evil minds, these caste based politics are happening in the country. All the youth are spoiling their career by jumping into these caste based politics. And its waste of time to speak about those people who are supporting these dirty politics. They will never make India grow.
One of the sentence in Smriti ji's speech says "Did we see Rahul Gandhi visiting a place for 2 times anywhere in the past?" which is absolutely true. Now, what can I say regarding Rahul saab. Words will not be enough for a legendary person oops sorry, "Politician" like him.
Funniest part is, politicians who doesn't have a future are trying to prove that they can give better nation and make a better India. Instead of thinking of the facts in that speech, even some media is interested the flaws in her speech. Now, these guys blame a politician when they gets corrupted and blame the same politician when they try to show the facts and make a better society. Actually, what does those media need? A better India or a Rotten nation? Media: Who cares? We need TRP. " Bitter fact "
We need leaders like this who speak truth and dare to stand in front to solve a issue. I am not some party or person supporter. I liked the way she spoke and showed the facts. I don't even know much about Smriti Irani ji till yesterday. Today, I like her page in Facebook and following her. I admire her.
Whatever sick people think and comment about her, remember this " She spoke the truth and showed us how some politicians are playing caste based politics. " Leaders like this will never ever care what media and other politicians speak non sense about them. They keep serving the nation and try to give us better and clean nation. I hope that day is not too far.
Jai Smriti Irani ji. Jai Hind. Jai Bharath. Satyamev Jayate.

P.S : I know I posted this very late. But, better late than never. ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ought for a small change for a new 'Hope'.

"Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence." - B.R.Ambedkar. Great sayings like these comes from the mouths of wise people. Where are we standing as a individuals now a days? Leave about the country for a second, lets think that are we being good to people around us at least? So many people out there wants to become famous and wants to grab attention from people. Who doesn't? But are we following the right path to achieve it? Is our mind thinking in the right way? Actually, are we letting our minds to make think right? Lets scrutinize ourselves for a minute.

Few days before, a student(Rohit) in Hyderabad university hanged himself to death for some reason and almost all the political parties started playing politics around his death and tried to gain public support as much as they can even by visiting his home to soothe their parents off. Much appreciated work by Mr. Rahul Gandhi ji that he has visited his home and did the same.
After this incident, there was one more death in our capital city Delhi which is due to some religious clash. The man who is no more between us today, received lot of condolences from many of the politicians and few of them even visited his home and consoled their family and friends. Once again a good piece of work from the people whom we elected.

And now, on February 5th 2016 "10" people were missing and expected to be no more due to some conditions out there. None of our political leaders visited their home and paid any condolences. Only our PM Modi ji went to the hospital to see and take care of one of those 10 persons who found him alive after 6 days. By now, you must have got to know on which incident I am speaking about. Yes, it is the Siachen Glacier incident which took lives of our hugely respected "Soldiers". Why dint any politician or leaders take a special flight(as our beloved Rahul ji did in Rohit's case) and visit their homes and console their families? Wait, let me guess the reason - Is this because our Soldiers are not vote banks? Might be. But just one thing which we all have to remember is that we are going to work, earning money, getting entertained, fulfilling our duties and sleeping peacefully at the end of the day is just because our Soldiers are guarding us in the border of our country day and night. Imagine even if they go on strike for one day like other government officials do? Calamatic dream. So only religions and castes are ruling politics? Only they decide who should become a Chief Minister and who should become a Prime Minister?

The things which our politicians do is to gain public attention and support. So indirectly WE are the reason for them to behave like this? Might be. We are selfish. We live the way in our world for our own greedy needs and abuse the politicians by the end of the day when we are stopped while his convoy is being passed. What are we going to give our next generation? The same society and the same smell.

Someone should modify the constitution. Something new should be placed/added. Everyone is talented. Each and every one has their own talents and brains. Is the reservation still needed? I know this might be sounding a bit rude for few people out there. But this is my vi-ew. Some random guy commented on one of the post in Facebook saying "Remove Naidu from your name and then tell that you respect other castes". If someone removes naidu, reddy, rao or chowdary from his/her name, does that mean that they are treating all other peoples same? Name doesn't make any difference. The way how we think and how we show our attitude towards others really matters. I know many upper caste people who fight for food each and every day and lower caste(sorry to use this but few people out there made reservations based on this) people who has enough wealth.

So, this is my view after a long break from my blogging :) . I know this doesn't matter for few or might be many people. That's fine. I wish all of you to achieve great success and try giving someday in your lives to change the mindset which is being a "Parampara".

P.S : My blog doesn't have any reservations. Anyone can read/open it any number of times. ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Childhood Favorite Food in an Arduous Journey..!!

Those days, when we used to reach home at 5pm after a difficult day at school and rush to mom asking for a quick 2minute snack 'Maggi'. Remember? Now, that favorite snack of ours is at high-level risk and almost every state in India is placing a ban on it one after the other.

What happened to our "two-minute snack" all of a sudden? Why is the government taking such a serious step towards this product? Well, the reasons are quite fair enough if they are true. It is containing high lead levels(a chemical element in the carbon group). This is a high risk factor for our health and it will end up with serious health issues in future.

Maggi gave a statement saying that, it is having the lead levels were well within the limits allowed by food regulations. But, Why is 'lead' being used in the food which we consume? Well, there are many reasons for this.
Lead is produced by  Human activities such as mining, manufacturing, and the burning of fossil fuels are the major sources of environmental lead. It is also a metal found in small amounts in the earth. It doesn't have any special taste or smell. Food can contain lead if lead-containing dust gets onto crops while they are growing or during food processing. Lead can also get into food through food containers. On the other hand, Lead is sometimes added to food intentionally as an additive. For example, in the traditional way of manufacturing lime-preserved eggs (also known as thousand-year-old eggs), although alternative methods using copper or zinc compounds are now available.

It is still unclear on how the Maggi noodle samples might have allegedly been contaminated. Food experts say that, the way noodles are processed could have theoretically exposed them to lead. Also, the water used to manufacture the noodles could be one of the source for contamination, Uday Annapure(an associate professor of the department of food engineering and technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai) said.

What happens if we consume Lead? It has been shown to cause neurological disorders, reproductive problems, diminished intelligence and a host of other illness. Also, short term exposure to high levels of lead can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and anemia, whereas chronic low-level exposure can cause retarded cognitive and intellectual development in children. Infant, young children and fetus are more sensitive to toxic effects of lead, especially in regard to the damages to their central nervous system.
This is the reason, why Indian government is taking some serious action towards Nestle group and banning maggi across the country.

So children, beware of Maggi until it gets a clean unleaded certificate.