Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Journey!!

Hey people,

Finally today, i.e.,15.12.2014 when almost the year is ending, this perception came in my mind to continue and update my blog every now and then. I am sincerely apologizing for the ones who visited my blog and left with disappointment.
From now on, I will continue my blogging and update it frequently.

My last post was on 12th November 2012, which was about the judgement given by our then government 'Congress' toward Ajmal Kasab. The whole nation was happy with that judgement. After that, many incidents happened and even the government has changed as BJP took the oath. I hope India gets MODIfied at least now.
I was in Ireland, pursuing my masters when I blogged my last post. Things changed quickly, as I came back to Hyderabad and working in a software company as of now. Met so many people, explored new places, had few wonderful moments. It was fun, being there for studying but unfortunately din't get a good opportunity to work over there and had to leave Ireland in December of 2013.
No regrets for whatever happened. Had a wonderful time there in Ireland and now enjoying my role as an SAP Technical consultant here in Hyderabad. But, I just hope one day I will go back and live there in that country at least for a couple of years.

So, its almost end of the year 2014. I guess everyone is getting ready with their plans for NYE. Even I am planning to celebrate the best partying day of the year with a special person in my life ;) Have loads of fun people. Will get back to you with good and interesting posts from now on.

Thanks for reading folks. Please share if you liked it.

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