Monday, December 22, 2014

Anticipating Thoughts !!

Just sit on a chair, close your eyes, bend back and just relax. Start thinking where you were few years back.
What kind of a life we had. The days, when we did not have mobiles, when we didn't have modern technology, ego's and attitudes between two persons, pollution, fast food, etc what not, anything which is polluting human body and hurting his/her heart.
-Those were the days where we used to hang out with friends just to chit-chat, unlike updating a status on Facebook that you're with your friend at some place and chatting with some other on whats-app.
-Those were the days we used to just play games/sports, instead of playing with hearts/feelings of our loved ones.
-Those were the days, where we use to love drenching in rain in our school uniform and get cold just to stay home the next day in the name of cold.
-Those silly jokes, funny moments, gossiping, bunking classes, faking our parents signature in progress reports, games after school, cycling, etc each and every memories.
-Those were the days, where we didn't have any viruses like Swine flu, Ebola, etc.

In short- Just HAPPY DAYS.

Days changed and are changing even more. People are changing accordingly. Technology is getting rejuvenate day by day. We hardly meet our childhood friends, with whom we discovered many things and with whom we explored the heights of friendship. Distance between two souls is growing. That best friend we had once is becoming a stranger now. Whatever might be the reason, circumstances cannot be avoided.

Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in short social media is being just the only way to keep in touch with our friends. In fact, maintaining huge friends list in our profile is becoming vital than having those few friends whom we used to meet regularly.
None can be liable on this, as everyone is busy with their own lives and career.

I just get dumbstruck when I realize that, there are no more hang-outs but just Google hang-outs. No more groups in colleges/schools, but just in whats-app. No more pages in our lives about our memories but just in Facebook. It's no more called a photo, its Selfie.
Sometimes, I just dream of having a time machine so that, we can head to any point of our lives whenever we want to. ;)

I just hope the schools and so called international schools which we have currently, teach the kids even about human values and the importance of friends unlike just concentrating on technology and its value in future. We cannot live and share our feelings with technology but, at least those few persons in your lives make a huge difference and stand back to you and tap your shoulder.

A great poet said, " The greatest gift of life is friendship. "
Did you receive it yet?

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