Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get on the fast lane

Well, quite literally so! Get nitrogen for your car tyres and feel the difference for yourself. I think its not available in hyderabad still, but one of my friends from bangalore told me regarding this.
In Banaglore, you can get nitrogen for your tyres at the HP petrol pump on (Old) Airport Road itseems. And, he told me the exact address. . He said, "If you’re coming from Marathalli, then look for a Pizza Hut on your left, you'll find this place immediately after the crossing." But, i hope hyderabad also provides this facility.

They charge Rs 30 per tyre for the first fill itseems. The fill apparently lasts 6 months. Subsequent cost is Rs 10 per tyre. And, my friend also told me the following benefits :

->Car drives smoother (can vouch for it).

->You don’t have to worry about air pressure for six months (need to verify).

->Less likelihood of a tyre burst (need to verify).

->Better mileage (need to verify).

There may be some places in Hyderabad offering this service. If so, please update those locations as comments on this article.

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