Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tough day(exam) ahead

heyllo guys....!!!
Hmmm.....as usual our Deccan guys lost their charge and hope is still going on that, they will reach finals........lets see.
First of all i din't tell you guys how i'd done my yesterdays exam....hehe, it was worst. Huh....actually my set was tough(not an excuse), and also din't prepare for the exam that perfect...But, still hoping that i will get a good mark...who knows?
Hmm by the way , i have a bad habit and most often i don't love to change that too - it is waking up early ! But today I broke that rule and woke up at 4:30am to start preparing for my tomorrow's exam....thats a tough one...huh(Neural Networks). It's a damn damn boring and a bit irritating subject, but planning to do something tomorrow(not copying though..hehe), otherwise its very very difficult to get that subject done..
Anyways, i must again start preparing that yuck subject.....came in here for a break, so should leave now. . . will be back again soon pals.

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