Sunday, May 3, 2009

Started blogging today...May 03 2009

Hmmm....Got up at 8 in the morning today. Went near the mirror and looked at myself once....just gave a smile and went for my brush. Huh....its an irritating day..dint notice that my toothpaste is finished....went out on the shorts itself and got one.
After the great job of brushing, i checked todays newspaper with hot hot milk....coz, i dont have the habbit of drinking coffee...hehe. The news are also hot and unfortunatel our Deccan chargers are loosing their charge since 2 matches....huh. Lets see wats gonna happen in the next matches....lets hope for the best.
Sat idle for sometime.....not interested in preparing for tommorows exam. . Information security...nice one but, not interested as of now.
And, Its really, started surfing on some sites in my laptop. Suddenly got an idea to blog.....hehe. I have no idea of writin a blog till date. But, this happened suddenly and more over i too wanna be a blogger(hu-hu-ha-ha) though. Lets see how days are gonna help me and please check out my blog every day(if possible...hehe).
So, guys this is my first might think that this is a very small post. But, its my first post rite??'ll come to know about me and my blogging with in near future......
Okie then....leaving for now and please check out for my updates wheneva you guys are free.................. adIoS...!!!

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