Friday, September 4, 2009

YSR : A dynamic leader

After such a long time, its my real real bad luck to give a post like this. No one din't even expect that such a great and massive leader expires this soon.
YSR : Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy left this state and congress all alone. He died in a helicopter crash near kurnool. Andhra pradesh is shocked and is in deep mourning on losing its son. We lost a great leader very soon and i have no words to explain my grief.
My deep condolences for the officials--Wesley, Subramanyam, pilots-> Bhatia and M.S.Reddy who died in the crash along with our CM.

A decade ago when Sharad Pawar was quitting the Congress over the Sonia Gandhi foreign origins issue, he told a group of journalists, "In the Congress party, there is no place for genuine mass leaders. There is only the high command and the loyal followers." That was 1999. Ten years later, it seems that Pawar was both right and wrong. He was right to the extent that in the Congress, the high command is ubiquitous and the Supreme Leader is unchallenged. He was wrong that the Congress could no longer throw up a regional satrap. Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy was proof that it still possible to be a virtual one man show in state politics, and yet survive in the Congress.

When YSR became chief minister in 2004, he was fighting both history and geography. Congress chief ministers in Andhra had been practiced in the art of musical chairs. The previous Congress government in 1989 had seen three chief ministers in five years. The Congress government before that had seen four chief ministers in five years (a chaotic situation that eventually saw the rise of the idea of 'Andhra pride' in the guise of NT Rama Rao). Even the wily P.V.Narasimha Rao, who was able to stay as prime minister for a full five year term as head of a minority government could only last for fifteen months in Hyderabad in the 1970s. It was almost as if it was more difficult to manage the complex caste and regional factions in Andhra than it was to control politics at the Centre. More so in YSR's case because he came from the relatively backward region of Rayalseema, not seen as dominant in state politics. And yet, YSR was able to prove the skeptics wrong, not only by lasting the full five year term, but even more remarkably by getting re-elected with an equally comprehensive mandate five years later.
No surprises then that YSR was a great favourite of Sonia Gandhi, whose political philosophy is based on the core idea that the Congress's future lies with reaching out to India's poor. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to suggest that the UPA would not have been in power in 2004 and 2009 but for the remarkable success it achieved in Andhra. The flip side though of creating a personality cult in a political party is that when the individual disappears from the scene, then the resultant vacuum is almost impossible to fill. That will be the big challenge confronting the Congress as it comes to terms with the loss of its strongest chief minister. Only Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy(YSR's son) can fulfill the state dreams and be a perfect and dynamic leader after YSR. Lets all hope that the CM chair goes to Y.S.Jagan.

No one can be such a great leader as you did...May your soul rest in peace..!!

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